How to Cure 'Incurable' Migranes

Migraines are headaches that typically last 4-72 hours and often have such symptoms as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. There are more than three million migraine sufferers in Australia according to Headache Australia.

A recent article published by The Washington Post brings to light the experience of Margarita Gokun Silver with migraines and acupuncture.

Margarita headaches began worsening, with lights and sounds. The normal headache seems to have matured into a migraine after turning 40 years old, she said. Eventually she stopped responding to over-the-counter painkillers.

After visits to her western-trained physician and the MRI scan results came back showing no abnormalities, she found herself frustrated that the answer to her problem were very expensive prescription pills which were making her “double over with stomach pain and nausea”.

After a recommendation from a friend, Margarita decided to try acupuncture. In recent years, several studies have concluded that acupuncture could be an efficient - and fairly side-effects-free - method of reducing both the occurrence and the severity of migraines.

Only one month after starting with the treatment twice per week, she noticed her migraines “slow down in frequency and weaken in intensity”, after two months she continues with the sessions one per week and just five months after she started acupuncture, she “felt essentially cured”. Margarita was able to rediscover some of the things she had to give up because of the migraines, like going to the beach, work on the computer or drinking wine.

After five years she very occasionally gets migraines, and if they seem to be coming up, she will use acupuncture, even a couple of times a week. But there have been months when she doesn't need it at all.

Stress seems to be a big contributing factor, and with acupuncture sessions she finds a time to relax and think in good things only.

This is very important because when the patient can relax the acupuncture sessions will help more to redirect and balance the own patient energy.

Its important to emphasise that successful acupuncture therapies for chronic illnesses, like headaches and migraines, rely on the commitment of patients like Margarita that receive consistent therapies, in this case over a period of five months.

Read Margarita's full story here:


Gokun Silver, M, 2016. Acupuncture Needles Stung, But They Tamed My Migraines. The Washington Post, 3 May 201

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