Acupuncture points are also stimulated by burning a herb called "Moxa" over the area in the body. The botanical name of the herb is Artemis Vulgaris commonly known as Mugwort.


At Vital Well we use Moxa in two ways:


  • A Moxa ball burning on the head of an acupuncture needle to transmit this heat directly to the acupuncture point through the needle.


  • A Moxa cone placed directly on the skin delivering the warm sensation to the acupuncture point.


In a patient with severe pain in the abdomen, in a coma or shock, the navel is filled with salt and a small ball of Moxa is lit over it.


When the Moxa herb is burnt, it penetrates all the meridians, eliminating hundreds of diseases. This treatment can regulate Qi energy, blood, expel cold and dampness, warm the uterus, stop bleeding, warm the spleen and stomach to remove stagnation, regulate menstruation and ease the fetus.


Moxa disperses the cold and so is used in the treatment of diseases like arthritis, bronchitis, which are said to be caused by wind, cold and damp.


Clinical practice has proved that moxibustion is very helpful in preventing disease and keeping healthy.




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