Paediatric Treatments


Treatment for most Vital Well’s child patients starts from the womb. Female patients get treated with acupuncture during their pregnancy and continue to bring their children for paediatric treatment when needed for the prevention or treatment of an existing condition.


Paediatric acupuncture is very different to a standard acupuncture session for adults. The therapy is done in a very playful atmosphere using a non-insertion needle technique and applying pressure on specific points through a special paediatric massage (Tui Na) or prescribing herbal paediatric patent medicines to treat pathological conditions.


Paediatric Tui Na is a massage applied to specific areas or points on the child’s body surface, it is an external therapy of Chinese Medicine for health prevention and treatment of diseases.  During the therapy, the doctor will teach the parent(s) so that they can continue to repeat the treatment at home.


Paediatric Treatments at Vital Well are usually sought by parents for the treatment of diseases like the common cold, cough, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, anorexia, night crying, bed wetting, just to name a few.


At the age of seven or older, we can start introducing the child to traditional acupuncture (with needle insertion), cupping and moxa however it is up to the child if he/she feels ready.


For any treatment with children we highly encourage a parent to be present throughout the session as this creates a safe environment for the child. This helps the child feel at ease and increases the chance of the child being open to new techniques when the parent also participates in the therapy voluntarily.




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