Ear Acupuncture


Ear acupuncture is a technique that uses stimulation on the skin of the auricle. It is a treatment of health conditions in other areas of the body based on a microsystem concept.  Anything that needs to be treated in your body can be treated on the ear.  


Auricular acupuncture may be used as a primary mode of treatment or in conjunction with other treatments such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology and herbal medicine. Ear points are stimulated with small fine needles, electronic stimulation, massage or the application of ear seeds or small magnets.


Ear points have been found to be particularly effective for appetite suppression that leads to weight loss. It is also used in the NADA protocol that is used to help people get over addiction to drugs and alcohol, cravings or unwanted habits.


Auricular acupuncture is helpful in the treatment of many different ailments and pain of a variety of causes, back pain, toothache, insomnia, stress, smoking and other conditions. 


Ear acupuncture helps to reset the body. It is profoundly calming and very effective and gentle enough to be used on children. 




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