About Us


We are located in Balwyn on Union Rd.


There is free parking on the street and also have easy wheel chair access if required. Please notify the clinic ahead of time to assist with this matter.

We currently have two electrical therapy chairs, which means you can bring a family member, partner or friend and we can look after the both of you at the same time.

If you have private health insurance that covers natural therapies, you can use our receipts for health insurance rebates.


If it’s your first time at the Vital Well clinic, you will have to allocate two hours for your first consultation. During your first consultation, you will be given a form to fill out your medical history, discuss the best treatment plan for your condition and begin the therapy.


If you have been at the clinic before, a standard therapy session is usually one hour to one hour and a half long. Depending on the condition being addressed, we will use a combination of therapies. You can expect the therapy room to be at an adequate temperature for maximum comfort, relaxing music in the background, aromatherapy with the use of an essential oils diffuser, and hot herbal tea at the conclusion of your therapy session.


For a faster recovery, the doctor might recommend taking herbal medication, which will not be included in the price of the therapy session. If you wish, you can buy the medication directly from the clinic.






2 hours

Initial consultation which includes opening a clinical history, evaluation, agreement and treament therapy. 


1.5 hours

Individual consultation (after an initial consultation has already been done at a prior visit). 

All therapies can include a mixture of techniques depending on the patient's condition.